Reflecting on reflecting

This process has been quite informative – and entertaining. I laughed a lot, mostly at myself, and about realising that my life could have been much easier, if I have been open to technology and change. Although ignorance is bliss, it effectively allows you to miss out on wonderful tools and advancements, such as assessments that mark themselves! How amazing is that?!?

It is, however, also important to look in the mirror, and decide whether you like what you see. If so, wonderful, you are good to go. If not, you need to stare long and hard, and be honest enough with yourself to face the facts, look at reality and accept that there might be some work to do. And then… you need to do what you have to do, and collaborate, and be honest with yourself and your peers and say ‘here I am, help me’. Odds are, they will help you, and delight themselves in your progress. You will become ‘one of them’.

I have learnt a lot during this course. I have learnt how to collaborate with people I don’t know. I have learnt how to use new tools. Basic tools, but tools nonetheless. Baby steps. But I feel enlightened, and I am definitely open to learn more, which I wasn’t before the course.

I have learnt that it is okay if you don’t know the answer, or if you don’t understand how something works – ask. Sharing is caring. Someone will help you, and answer you, because they want to see you succeed. It is not a competition, but a journey.

So, look in the mirror, and decide whether you like what you see…


3 thoughts on “Reflecting on reflecting

  1. Hi Annemi, I really found your reflection interesting. This is a kind of evidence for transition 🙂 Especially, I like the last paragraph where you wrote that it is not a competition, but a journey. Great perspective for learning process! This is a group power!


  2. I find the mirror metaphor very interesting.

    My experience with ONL is that it “reflected” people’s skills and abilities from other fields of knowledge to be able to make a success of this relatively new learning environment.The versatility of this course also creates another dimension for personal development.

    However, I do think it is important to do a pre- and post “mirror” assessment to gauge the impact of ONL on the participant.


  3. Dear Annemi. Thank you so much for leading our final module of the course. The result was excellent. Thanks also for these reflections. I agree indeed on a lot of the points you mentioned, and have myself the same experience. Such as ignorance is bliss when it comes to all this tools. Ha ha. Now that I know I have to relate to this jungle of e-tools. Tough, but rewarding.


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